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1. For the first 20 people to comment "YOLO" (formally "OKROY", since that was the person I copy and pasted from's deal, having no idea you were supposed to change it lol) in this journal, I will feature one of their characters. I'll also tell you what I like about them.

2. If you do comment and get featured here, please do the same in your journal, putting the me in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everybody to get a gander at of your best work.

1. :iconaskpiper: Piper B. Mamba
Ah, one of my best friends, both in the realm of fantasy and reality. I could go on for days describing the many wonderful traits regarding Piper the Naga Witch. However, if I had to choose one, it would probably be her uniqueness within the community. I mean, how many other Adventure Time nagas do you see floating about out there? Besides Piper and Ember, of course. :aww: I am constantly bedazzled by her sweet yet temperamental nature when it comes time to protect her friends and save the day, usually after some evil forces her to act when she least expects it. Overall, Piper acts as a fresh new idea to the community, reminding us that some heroes simply need to trust their gut feelings before making any rash decisions; and should show honor and passion in the little things in life most take for granted, like nature and spirituality. This OC is wonderful on so many levels, and will always be my favorite due to her badass attitude.
2. :iconask-miss-evil:the transformation... by ask-miss-evil Miss Evil
Although not necessarily an Adventure Time OC, I would rank Miss Evil towards the top of my list, due to the fact that I have a certain bias for villain OC's in general. Miss Evil is a wild, saucy succubus-like character unique among other demons in the sense that she is "a bit good", unlike most others who support total anarchy. I suppose my favorite aspect of this character is her originality, literally being the personification of Evil, but a rather silly take toned down for young audiences. For example, she tends to focus more on trivial matters like stalking boys and whatnot so long as you don't interfere in her mischeif and family affairs. Pretty relatable in this day and age, right? Even though she claims to be an immortal being, her "evil" is only as good as she allows it to be - which is usually constant unless you make her angry; then she just rampages like a disturbed teenager ... only this one would rather devour your soul than shut herself up in her room. I could have easily seen her in a show like The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy facing off against The Grudge or something. :devilish:
3. :iconweloveconstantine::thumb371549486: The Cult Leader
If one were to award a medal to perhaps one of the most puzzling yet strangely delightful Adventure Time OC's out there, they would have to give it to The Cult Leader. You may have added this fellow to your friends list and/or watched him in hopes of later on finding out more about him - but I highly doubt that will ever happen. :XD: The Cult Leader wears his illuminati helmet proud and loud, large and in charge, and prefers to keep everyone in the dark - which is what I love most about him. Sure, if you can get past the fact that he is a convicted rapist and pedophile, he really is a fine fellow at heart ... until you see him walking out of his temple in handcuffs on the evening news for selling government information to The Lich (who is really Osama Bin Laden raised from the dead). In all seriousness, this guy is amazing. He never fails to make me laugh with his ambiguous responses to his follower's questions, sometimes to the degree where you know he's purposely trying to dodge a sketchy answer. If you would like to get to know The Cult Leader, you are more than welcome to visit him here on DeviantArt - by the slight offchance he is serving prison time on the back of the American dollar bill.
4. :iconaskalmostevil:Doodle by AskAlmostEvil Kally, "Miss Almost Evil"
First and foremost, I have no idea if this OC has any relationship to previous contestant, Ask-Miss-Evil; but since I didn't seem to find any evidence of connection between the two, I believe it is safe to say both characters aspired to reach the top of the totem pole of evil-incarnated beings - this one unfortunately fell a little short. :laughing: Kally Almost-Evil, to me, is a concept I think most elementary and middle school kids could relate relate to in one form or another: the most common being the "I don't feel like I get enough attention, so I'm going to play you like a violin then cut your strings" prankster attitude. Only, in Kally's case, being ALMOST evil but not COMPLETELY evil, translates this phrase to "I don't feel like I get enough attention, so I'm going to throw a few pebbles at your window ... and if you don't seem impressed by that level of evil, I'm going to go home and make a sandwich". Ultimately, the thing I enjoy most about Miss Almost Evil is the fact that she's comfortingly predictable. You know for a fact that once she devises an originally sinister scheme to bring chaos and trickery to the table, it usually backfires on her prematurely in a rather hilarious way, in which she apologizes for later once exposed. Although on the rare occasion, she will be ever so eager to make her enemies a sandwich. A knuckle sandwich, that is.
5. :iconask-dax-the-firewolf:Dax the Fire Wolf by Ask-Dax-the-FireWolf Dax the FireWolf
Come on boy! Sit ... sit ... stay ... stay! Hey, don't ... don't you even think about it ... aaaannnnddd ... he's gone. This is my buddy, Dax. If the implication of him being a rebellious Fire Wolf isn't a big enough clue already, you may need to visit the veterinarian yourself. All jokes aside, Dax is a great guy who loves to make himself useful in any way possible, from boosting a lonely character's morale not to lose hope within the community to helping an artist with design advice. At least until they've overstayed their welcome. I think we could all learn a little something about true friendship from the courageous and cheerful canine. I mean, I could literally picture myself having collapsed on my bed after a rough day when I feel like nobody really gives a shit, and not too long after, I'd hear Dax's tapdancing steps scurry over to me from the living room sofa in order to lick my dangling hand with comfort. Now Dax? Dax gives a loving shit, both figuratively and literally. :poo: As to whether or not his intention was to truly comfort me or lap up the remains of my glory in the form of metaphor crumbs, who knows. All that really matters is that he's there. Man's best friend - together with master - living under the manhattan subway system. And there he goes. One of Glob's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.
6. :iconmasakimiyamoto21:Carrie in Color by MasakiMiyamoto21Carrie Antilles
This may seem like an odd question, but would you concider getting up at 4:30 on a Monday morning to stike a conversation with your garbage man/woman? If not, you've obviously never met Carrie Antilles; and one of the best perks of being a member of the Sepien race is that your stomach is your own personal garbage truck. Sure, she is regarded as a mindless but charming eating machine blessed with a metabolism capable of sending anything the size of her mouth or smaller into her interdimensional gut by 2625 society, but she's not all that bad. After all, imagine all the gas money she's saving by investing in herself, literally. I suppose one of the most enjoyable aspects of this OC is that her gullible and gluttonous nature is balanced out by her above-average optimistic vigor towards life, proving to future bulimics that you can, in fact, eat your troubles away. Especially if the "trouble" is a race of hamburger-headed aliens. :popcorn: Oh, and did we mention that she is perpetually 17 years of age? Boys, mom and dad better invest in a bigger fridge if you plan on bringing her home - or else she may just leave the house with an empty feeling, and it sure as hell won't be her stomach.
7. :iconbluejaybessy::thumb370344379: BlueJay Bessy
Well, it took me some time to understand the psychology behind this character, as it is yet again a true OC, having no relevence to Adventure Time but would make an interesting one nevertheless. So here we have BlueJay Bessy, a thirteen-year-old girl with a rather peculiar fascination with birds - more specifically, the Blue Jay. I suppose the most confusing thing, for me, was that Bessy went by two other names: Matilda and Chelray. Come to find that Matilda and Chelray are actually shy little Bessy's strange split personalities subconsciously created in order to cope with the struggles of middle school, I developed a new respect for the character not so much on her design, but the fact that she exhibits some kind of psychological trauma due to the high amount of stress inflicted upon her on a daily basis. Matilda, from what I understand, emerges from Bessy's psyche whenever she is faced with a problem she feels she cannot overcome, thus resorting to depression (and the ability to turn invisible when sad is kind of cool in its own way, too) while Chelray acts as her "evil" side when pushed over the edge, who harms others to get what she wants with a sadist-like nature followed by a signature condescending remark to ensure the victim knows he is completely and utterly screwed. I guess I like this OC because it's funny to see which side of her will spring out next in response to how someone treats her. Plain and simple. Again, how this relates to birds? I have no clue. Although it is safe to say that there is a cell reserved for her at Arkham Asylum should Chelray become the dominant personality and want to watch the world burn. In that case, I'm seeing more bats than birds in your near future, Bess. :batman:
8. :icont-rex01::thumb352743102:
....I bet you thought I was going to do a review of the playboy bunny girl, eh? Not to worry. I just like the picture. Focus your attention on the square to the left, ladies and gentlemen - although I know this will be most difficult. ;) Meet Antonio "Tony" Draco, the Dragon Prince of Ooo ( someone pinch me, we finally found another Adventure Time OC! ). Unlike other Ooo Royalty, however, Antonio is seldom allowed to enjoy his title due to his nomadic nature. Even though his techniques are often barbaric and crude, who could blame him? The boy grew up without a mother - the Dragon Queen, might I add - placing him in the dreadful care of an old widow who loved nothing more than to shelter Antonio from the dangerous world around him. I enjoy Antonio's pride in himself and his heritage, having the courage to face impossible odds with the fearlessness of a master shaman. If he had something to say, he would most definatly leave his mark whether it was wanted or not. Seriously bro, you're on fire. No really ... you're standing in fire.
9. :iconaskjonathanthedino::thumb366798998: Jonathan the Dino
If archeologists were to discover Jurassic Park deep in the jungles of Ooo, I wouldn't put my foot down - because this dino has already made a raving impression, literally! Showing off another of my closest and most favorite OC friends, I give to you our paleolithic patriarch, Jonathan The Dino. No silly, I don't mean as a sacrifice! What time period do you think we live in, the stone ages? Oh ... right. xD Jonathan, like Piper B. Mamba and T.J the Centaur, posesses a common style I absolutely adore within our animal-humanoid click: a new age retro design that really appeals to the modern day world. I am never displeased with anything Jonathan draws, as his character constantly bedazzles audiences with his crazy Dahvie Vanity hairstyles and accessories. In fact, I love his character so much that I wish they would hurry up and add him to Adventure Time so that I can buy the dress-a-dino plush doll they'd make after him! :D I honestly feel like Jonathan's art gets more and more creative with each upload, as he certainly knows how to keep a three dimensional character alive with something new to contribute each time, much like Piper. Oh and did I mention his totally wicked raptor form? Let's just say he's king of the party jungle! But seriously though - Jonathan is like the chuck norris of the animated world, sure to sink his teeth into your life without even trying. Ssssso how about ssssome gold braceletsss? =P
10.:iconask-tj:'Sup by Ask-TJ
Quit horsing around! No, I wasn't talking about her, silly. I see you over there, eyeing that tail. You better be careful though, because this centair might leave you a horseshoe tattoo on your backside - free of charge! T.J. (Tiffany) has got to be one of the most unique Adventure Time OC's I've ever seen. I know I say that a lot, because there are a ton of awesome original creeps and critters around DA, but since I have yet to find another centaur in the community, I have to give her kudos on this one! Tiffany, like Vanessa (Piper) is one of my best friends even though we don't have the ability to interact in real life, so I am absolutely impressed by everything she does with the utmost support. Like Jonathan, I love her sense of style, especially the mean green streaks lining her tail (which, if you haven't guessed yet, matcher her hair). Although I wish T.J. would crank out more artwork featuring her centaur warrior, I know she will continue to amaze us with her well-thought out rpg's. She never fails to spice up the roleplay experience, as she is one of those friends that come only once in a lifetime, dispite her character's rather stubborn behavior. xD So please people, be her friend. If not, it's the quickest way to make a "buck". :cowboy:
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Cedric Shadowborn
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One phrase, and one phrase alone summarizes me:

I'm Anything But NormalŪ

My name is Cedric Shadowborn.

Orientation: Straight
Aspirations: Become a bestselling fantasy author and Zoologist

Here are a few of my interests:
-Adventure Time (Primarily for Marceline the Vampire Queen. :skull: :heart: )
-Writing dark fantasy, adventure, and romance stories and poems.
-Huge roleplayer, in particular being the Ravenloft Campeign setting of Dungeons & Dragons.
-Hanging out in local graveyards.
-18th Level Evoker. Fireballs, baby! ;D
-Reading, often on a wide variety of topics.
-Sceinces such as Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Zoology and Mythology.
-Loves to teach and guide people on a wide range of topics. I'm a jack of all trades, I suppose you can say! :)
-Nature. You will find that I gravitate towards strange, exotic animals such as snakes, spiders, bats and scorpions. What can I say? I have a pet octopus for goodness sake! =P

Note from the Author: I am a shy person, so I do apologize if I come across timid at first. Yet then again, that could be my personality doing the talking. Tim Burton and Edgar Allan Poe are my biggest inspirations in life, so you can imagine my view on life is abnormally fantastic and borderline spooktacular. I am currently working on several children's books which pay homage to Tim Burton's unique art style, entertwining my own life lessons in them. Otherwise, I am simply another guy on DeviantArt looking to make friends and admire other people online...hopefully being of assistance to some if they wish to get to know me.

I'm strangely delightful. Or at least, most would say.

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